In The Chord

We’ve been asked more than a few times if young teens or even an 11-year-old can participate in Harmony4Women.  Chorus Director Connie Norman says “Absolutely!!!!   They just need to understand what is expected of them—same as the adults.  I LOVE having those young voices!”  If I take myself back I would have been thrilled to participate in such an activity and most certainly would love to have such a memory now.  Imagine yourself at that age having an opportunity to sing with your mother or aunt or grandmother or sister and the thrill of singing with a BIG chorus and performing on stage.  Imagine learning the skill and fun of harmony and being able to carry that with you all your life.  Imagine learning that your best singing is helping children, families and women in need.  This is Harmony4Women—a group designed to spread harmony and joy to chorus members and community, and to bring awareness and funds to Grandma’s House, WRCCO, Saving Grace, and Bella Acappella.  I don’t think it gets better than this.

For yourself, if you were told in elementary school that you can’t sing, (shame on them!)  but find yourself singing in the shower or with your radio or CD, or haven’t sung in 40 years and are a bit apprehensive, you can come see what we’re about. You can reclaim your joy.


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